Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Association

Membership Information



  • Meetings are held quarterly
    • Those unable to attend in person will have the option to attend by phone or video conferencing.
  • Meetings are open to the general public


  • Members must be in a surrogacy-related profession
  • New members must be sponsored by another member in good standing, and complete the application process
  • All members will pay yearly dues
    • Business Memberships
      • 1 to 5 members: $250
      • 6-10 members: $350
      • 11+ members: 425
    • Single Membership: $125
    • If meeting the dues is a hardship, please contact the board
  • Members in good standing may sit on committees, vote for board members, provide input for consideration before a board vote on a matter

A member in good standing has completed the membership application and been accepted, has paid dues, and has attended at least 3 meetings.  To maintain the standing, a member must be current on dues and have attended at least 1 meeting the previous year.


Benefits of being an OSPA Member:

  • A directory of members in good standing will be kept on the OSPA website
  • Use of OSPA logo on website, email, etc
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Marketing referrals